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October 16
1975 Gracie Jiu Jitsu vs Karate School

The ‘Gracie Invitation’ (or "Gracie Challenge") actually dates back as far as the 1920’s when Carlos Gracie first introduced the idea, but the footage shown in this video took place in 1975, still many years before the birth of the UFC and the explosion of mixed martial arts as a sport.

For the purpose of this 1970's Gracie Challenge contest in Brazil, the bouts were set at 10 minutes, and curiously the Karate team had stipulated before-hand that the fights should take place on tiles since they believed that would make it easier for them to stop takedowns or deter the Jiu Jitsu fighters from "going to the ground".

Gracie vs karate.jpg

As it turned out, the entire series of fights lasted less than 10 minutes, and no one from the Karate team was able to stay on their feet, or indeed avoid being submitted.

Remarkably, the first Gracie Jiu-Jitsu competitor in the video was just 13 years old, yet he was fighting in a NHB match against a grown man.

Nevertheless, the young student was easily able to take down his opponent and submit him by rear-naked choke.

Click here for video:

Gracie Jiu Jitsu vs Karate School​

That blueprint would continue throughout the remainder of the match-ups, which saw the likes of the video’s narrator, Rorion, Relson and Rolls Gracie all comfortably finish their opponents by submission.​


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